Ceramics Energy Control for Exagres

Exagres is a benchmark in the ceramic extrusion industry, and has recently expanded its MES Control Ceramics system at its main production plant with the integration of the Energy module. This incorporation makes it possible to record the energy values of the factory’s most consuming equipment, in order to monitor their operation, analyze outages and micro outages, and visualize the information graphically. In addition, it is intended to generate alarms and obtain energy costs associated with production orders in an efficient manner.

Preliminary study and installation

The implementation of the Control Ceramics Energy system began with an exhaustive study with the client to determine the machines to be monitored and the elements necessary to obtain accurate electricity and gas consumption. This analysis included the selection and installation of network analyzers, adequacy of the electrical and communications infrastructure, and configuration of the necessary equipment.

Features of the Control Ceramics Energy system

Real-time visualization

The system provides a synoptic of the plant that allows to visualize the energy consumption of the machines in real time.
Users can use customized graphs and reports to compare any value measured by the network analyzers strategically installed in the plant.

Energy consumption analysis

By means of a power distribution tree, users can graphically analyze the consumption of different production sections, both in terms of electricity and gas.
The tool facilitates the identification of the areas with the highest consumption, allowing informed decisions to be made for energy optimization.

Quality of power supply

An advanced network analyzer has been installed at the plant’s main transformer station to monitor the quality of the power supply.
Users can detect outages, surges, micro-outages, and generate detailed reports to make corrective decisions.

Energy costs associated with production

The system allows obtaining detailed data on energy consumption and its costs (kWh/€), allocating them to production orders.
The reports generated provide a detailed analysis of the consumption and cost of each production order, production line or machine, facilitating strategic decision making.

Advanced alarm system

The system includes advanced alarm settings for any monitored value.
Users can be alerted in real time in critical situations, such as high gas consumption, significantly reducing the reaction time to failures.

With the implementation of the Energy module, the customer has achieved accurate, real-time monitoring, allowing constant supervision of energy consumption and optimizing operational efficiency.

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