Optimize the maintenance of your ceramic plant with a CMMS

What is a CMMS?
It is an advanced solution designed to optimize maintenance management in ceramic plants. This comprehensive tool streamlines and automates maintenance and overhaul operations, offering greater efficiency and control in the management of your assets.
Key functionalities
Preventive and corrective maintenance
Plans and executes preventive maintenance on a regular basis, reducing the risk of failures and production downtime. In addition, it effectively manages corrective actions to address any issues quickly and efficiently.
Asset management
Allows detailed tracking of all your assets, from their purchase date to their maintenance history. This feature helps you predict and prevent future problems, optimizing the performance and lifetime of your equipment.
Work order management
Keep an organized and accessible record of all work orders. Ensures that all tasks are effectively assigned, executed and recorded, improving the efficiency and traceability of maintenance activities.
Inventory management
Although not a stand-alone inventory management system, a CMMS module can be seamlessly integrated with your factory ERP. It facilitates inventory control, equipment distribution and spare parts management, ensuring that you always have the necessary resources on hand.
Control of employees’ working hours
Schedule shifts and assign specific tasks to your maintenance team efficiently. Ensures that necessary activities are performed at the right time, optimizing personnel utilization.
Mobile access
Access the application from anywhere and at any time through mobile devices. This functionality enables agile monitoring and management of multiple installations, ensuring that you are always in control, no matter where you are.
Take a step forward in maintenance management!
Discover how Control Ceramics CMMS can transform the management of your ceramic plant. Contact us for a demo and start optimizing your maintenance operations.

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