Specific MES system
for ceramics

Control software
of the production

Control Ceramics is a specific MES System for the ceramic industry, which provides
all the information necessary to know the status of production, with reports
clear and with the most relevant indicators for the industry.

Software for the
industry 4.0

The system consists of a series of specific part counting sensors and touch terminals distributed in strategic areas of the production line, in addition to an industrial software application (SCADA) installed at the customer’s facilities.

We increase the
production efficiency

More system advantages

What will you get with Control Ceramics?

Open and scalable system

Advanced integration to further automate production

PLC and industrial HMI technology: user-friendly and robust

Careful web design with reports, graphs and dashboards defined by technical specialists in the ceramic sector.

Live system, constantly evolving and with feedback from all users.

Elimination of paper with the direct consequence of speeding up the transmission of information.

Operators have all the information they need to do their job from the HMI screens located on the production line.

Data automation reduces the need for operator reporting and avoids errors.

It provides traceability of all production at a single point, so you can quickly analyze what has happened to any order.

a demo

We show you how it works with
a real factory demo