Machine vision solutions

Advanced detection and measurement solution, both in continuous production lines and batch production systems.

Innovation in machine vision

Our machine vision system is distinguished by the use of advanced vision controllers, complemented with the necessary equipment for each application, such as cameras and specialized lighting systems.
In addition, we integrate all our developments with a PLC, ensuring a perfect synchronization with the rest of the production process. To facilitate the operator’s interaction with the system, we use HMI screens that we design in a very practical way to make the applications very easy to use and understand.

Benefits of our technology

The implementation of HMI screens allows:

Recipe systems

Changing and reloading PLC and vision controller parameters
optimizing product changeovers.

Real-time visualization:

Provide useful and up-to-date information to operators on measurements and process status.

Applications in key sectors

Implementation of specific solutions for demanding sectors such as automotive and ceramics. In our applications, we carefully control each step of the production process by means of a vision camera that verifies several critical aspects, such as:

The correct position of a valve

Installation and tightening of screws
Precise location of labels
The proper sequence of assembly
Verification of tasks performed by operators
The correct position and number of rivets and reinforcements

Continuous quality control

In continuous production lines, our machine vision systems allow multiple quality controls, interacting with the production process to classify parts according to their quality (first, quality, scrap, etc.). With each part passing through the vision system, various checks are carried out in order to obtain an immediate response.

The PLC based system uses encoders to obtain the position of each part and be able to derive it along the corresponding path for further sorting.

The positioning of each part with encoders and the interaction with other machines in the production process guarantees an efficient and high quality operation.

Why install a Machine Vision System?

It is a step forward in the operations of a production plant, as well as a significant improvement in its efficiency and quality. The ease of use by the operators, and the effectiveness of the system has an outstanding impact on the product.

Our vocation is to innovate and provide technological solutions that boost efficiency and quality in the production process of the ceramic industry, and in this case also in other sectors such as the automotive industry.

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