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We are an engineering company that develops industrial software for the digitalization of factories. Our main product is Control Ceramics, a specific MES system for the ceramic industry.

We are specialized in production controls for Industry 4.0. We have been providing services to all types of national and international companies since 2007.

As industrial software developers we are specialists in SCADA-Web applications, we can take on industrial control projects in any sector, thanks to our expertise in PLCs and HMIs, being the ceramic sector where we have carried out more implementations.

Mission, vision and values


To increase the productivity of the factories where we implement our industrial software solutions. In addition, we strive for maximum energy efficiency and cost reduction in all our actions.


To be the industrial software engineering of reference in the ceramic industry, both nationally and internationally.


High competence of our engineers.
Specific professionalization Consolidated expertise.
Proximity and flexibility.
Vocation in customer service: quick and decisive.

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