INGESOM modernizes the programming of an HMI in a kiln unloading machine

INGESOM installs a new HMI of the WEINTEK brand and updates the programming to optimize the recipe management of the kiln 1 unloading machine at the facilities of KEROS CERÁMICA, a company located in Nules (Castellón) with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and commercialization of ceramic floor and wall tiles.
The replacement of the obsolete button panel with display by a modern touch-screen HMI makes it possible to record a large number of recipes, and greatly facilitates the management of the machine parameters according to the characteristics of each format. With this improvement, operators are more efficient, both by reducing the time required to perform their tasks and by reducing possible human errors thanks to a higher degree of process automation.
In addition, KEROS CERAMICA users can easily and intuitively view the general status of the machine and the individual digital inputs and outputs via the overview. This increased control over the production process allows early detection of possible failures that help to minimize reaction times to correct the anomaly.
INGESOM’s technical team also installed new inverters and improved the speed management system to speed up the box changeover with a slight increase in speed, a modification that ensures that some formats can correctly supply the furnace and with the absence of gaps the customer obtains an increase in the production of parts.

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