INGESOM installs 25 monitoring kits for respirable crystalline silica in the environment in EUROARCE

INGESOM installs 25 equipments to monitor and control the levels of respirable crystalline silica in the environment in the facilities of EUROARCE CERAMICAS in the province of Castellón, Spanish leader in raw materials for the ceramic industry, in order to improve and guarantee the environmental conditions of the workers in their working environment.
EUROARCE encompasses the raw materials division for the ceramics industry within the SAMCA Group, present in the Mining, Renewable Energies, Plastic Polymers, Synthetic Fibers, Agri-Food, Real Estate Development, Agrochemicals and Logistics Infrastructures sectors. Overall, SAMCA directly employs approximately 3,500 people in Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.
Processing and commercialization in the main ceramic markets is carried out through Euroarce Materias Primas SA in Ariño (Teruel), which grinds, washes and calcines clays and kaolins; Euroarce S.R.L. in Civita Castellana (Viterbo, Italy), which manufactures pastes and glazes for sanitary ceramics; and SAMCA Onda and EUROARCE CERAMICAS in Onda (Castellón), which specialize in the processing of raw materials and the manufacture of atomized pastes for ceramic floor and wall tiles.
The dust in suspension monitoring kit developed by INGESOM is an Industry 4.0 system that records values in real time by installing sensors in the most critical points chosen by the client. With this measuring equipment, EUROARCE has greater control over its facilities, since it alerts you at the time of any abnormal situation that occurs through alarms and thus can take corrective measures to maintain the levels of crystalline silica in the range of correct values established by law.
In addition, EUROARCE goes a step further in monitoring and controlling silica levels, and in some of its factories INGESOM has installed cameras that allow video evidence to be saved a couple of minutes before and after an anomalous situation occurs. In this way, the customer is able to identify the source of each increase in silica levels detected and relate it to the specific conditions around the monitoring kit.
INGESOM assists clients with the interpretation of the recorded data to make it a useful and simple tool. Through a web page EUROARCE visualizes measurement reports and graphs of the information, which facilitate both the identification of the most problematic points in their facilities and the decision-making process to improve the environmental conditions of their workforce.

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