INGESOM implements Energy Management Software for a mineral processing plant

INGESOM implements the Energy Management Software for a mineral processing plant located in Castellón de la Plana. It is a platform developed entirely by INGESOM plus a custom development to fully adapt to customer needs. The objective is to reduce the costs derived from electricity and gas consumption in the plant, by detecting energy cost overruns and warning of anomalies as soon as they occur.
The Energy Management Software monitors energy consumption through the installation of meters placed at strategic points in the factory, such as the general connection, distribution points and each of the main machines.
The mineral processing plant had an added problem: it suffered many power outages that affected the machines, even shutting down mills, which interrupted the factory’s normal process and made it necessary to start up again, with the time and cost delays that this entailed. With INGESOM’s Energy Management Software this situation has been solved by means of real-time monitoring and sending alarms to reduce the reaction time in case of voltage drops.
In addition, INGESOM installs head-end meters with a lower margin of error that allows the customer to see the quality of supply, detect peaks and obtain a reliable record of voltage drops and micro-drops that have occurred, in order to have more bargaining power with energy suppliers.
INGESOM also develops the management Web application, with rapid development software tools and intelligent graphics, so that the customer can quickly and intuitively see the status of the plant at a glance and in real time. It is also possible to consult multiple graphical reports, both standard and customized by the client, in order to monitor the consumption of the entire plant and to cross-check energy data with any of its equipment and thus detect possible incidents such as the stoppage of a machine that should be running.
To optimize control over the factory, the Web management application offers the possibility of access from any device, from any point in the factory and even from outside the factory via a VPN connection. All of the application’s functionalities help the customer to have greater real-time knowledge of his installation, reduce reaction times to any anomaly and optimize production planning.

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