Industrial digitalization system and alarms

We have implemented a new industrial digitalization and centralized alarm management system for the IRTA (Institute for Research and Technology in Food and Agriculture) La Ràpita research center. In this research center they already had a high degree of automation and various alarm management systems.

With this project we developed a new application which replaced the previous installation supervision systems, as well as the implementation of a new master PLC that communicates with the different supervised equipment for the centralized management of alarms, and to collect the values of the newly installed sensors.

The SCADA application performs real-time monitoring of the control variables (oxygen, temperature and flow rate) of all the autonomous recirculation modules (RAS) of the entire center. The monitoring of pump rooms, tanks and other systems critical to the operation of the center is also carried out. In addition, the temperature of freezers, refrigerators and coolers where samples are stored is monitored for continuous temperature control and to alert in case of any anomaly.

The system also performs energy monitoring of all the center’s equipment, controlling very precisely the energy costs of the experiments.

All the information supervised by the SCADA application is stored in a database and can be consulted through the Web application. In addition, the variables monitored by the SCADA for all the center’s RAS systems can be consulted from this application. For example, for IRTAmar recirculation modules, the evolution of flow rate, temperature, oxygen, pH, TDG, etc… can be displayed graphically.

Finally, the Web site also has a section for the center’s maintenance management (CMMS), which includes a task calendar, request management and preventive and corrective maintenance management.

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