Advantages of a control system for research centers (1)

Automated control of the installation in real time, both locally and remotely.

The needs of security and protection of information in research centers are usually the object of maximum care, together with the need for flexibility and immediacy of access to such information at any time and from any place.

With a centralized supervision and control system we obtain important advantages for researchers: automated control of the installation in real time, both locally and remotely, video recording in 4K resolution in order to complete the information collected by the system, and automated control, in this case, of fish feeding to automate the dosing of feed individually.

Regarding the first advantage, dissolved oxygen levels, recirculation flow rate and temperature are controlled from the PLC of the installed module so that they are maintained within the ranges indicated by the user. A SCADA application monitors all the equipment and records in a database the physicochemical variables for controlling the room (light intensity, ambient temperature) and water quality variables (temperature, oxygen and turbidity). Likewise, all the results recorded in the database can be consulted from a web page, in a very visual and simple way. And all this accessible both locally and remotely. When accessed from outside the center, it is done in a secure manner, through a VPN network that allows encrypting communications between the registered mobile devices and the system itself.

We would like to thank the IATS research center of CSIC for the trust it has placed in us.

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