INGESOM implements the Production Control System

INGESOM implements in a leading ceramics company the Production Control System that allows the automatic capture of production data by counting the pieces produced at different points of the manufacturing line, identifying the most problematic areas and improving production planning.
In this way, the customer has all the production information in real time, which allows us to know its evolution, obtain the number of product wastes at each point of the line, and identify the downtime with all the related information (reasons, operators responsible for the area at the time of the stop, time used for repairs or format changes, etc.).
The application overview shows at a glance and in real time the active production orders and alarms providing production status information. In addition, the history of alarms allows obtaining data such as the evolution of the production of a specific model or the time exceeded without the passage of parts, which ultimately facilitates decision making by the managers of the ceramic company.
This system has been interconnected with the factory ERP, from which the programming to be manufactured is received and to which the result of the manufacturing process is reported in real time.

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