INGESOM expands production control implemented in Toledo

INGESOM adds new machines of plant 2 in the production control already implemented in the company GRES DE LA MANCHA S.L., a leading manufacturer of glazed ceramic material of high strength, durability and low absorption located in Les Yébenes, Toledo.
The expansion consists of incorporating new machines such as the dryer, the new kiln, the loading table, the enameling line and the large and small format lines into the SCADA and Web applications. In this way, all the elements are configured so that production information is recorded in a single system, allowing the status of plant operation and production to be consulted in real time and facilitating the detection of production problems.
In this new phase of GRESMANC’s production control the most important point is to add the reading of the piece counters of each machine in real time in the SCADA application. Previously, operators recorded data manually, but now it is an automatic process that reduces possible human errors and speeds up the collection of information.
In addition, the visualization of production data in real time makes it possible to compare the current data with a target set by the managers from the SCADA application, and based on this information they can make decisions to optimize the plant’s production.

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