INGESOM automates the labeling system of LLANSOLA

INGESOM automates the labeling system of ceramic biscuit loading trays and internal barcode assignment, for the ceramic biscuit producer company in red and white paste HERMANOS LLANSOLA located in San Joan de Moró (Castellón).
The automation of the label creation process is a new extension of the production control system, which INGESOM has already implemented for LLANSOLA. This expansion in the furnace area is a tailor-made solution that fully adapts to the way the operators work.
In the past, operators used to make the labels on cardboard and write down all the data manually. Now all the information is recorded in a database and the operators, through an HMI, select the information to be printed on the label. This improvement significantly speeds up your work, reduces possible human errors in data assignment and, in addition, the labels are made of plastic with adhesive and resistant ink that guarantees their durability over time.
All information is recorded in the database, from the operators who are working to the actions performed by each one or the data printed on each label. This centralized control provides the customer with a better understanding of the plant and allows for improved decision making and increased profitability.

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