INGESOM automates the feeding of a new bagging machine

INGESOM automates the filling of the feeding hopper and assembles a new control panel for the bagging machine that our customer has just acquired. As in previous projects, INGESOM also coordinates the actions to be taken by each company involved in the work, from the bagging machine manufacturer to the electrical installer.
With the old bagging machine, the operators filled the vats by means of a manual selector, which activated the output of raw materials from the silos to the hopper and the bagging machine. Today, the new bagging machine with a control panel and a touch screen programmed by INGESOM, operators have greater control over the process as they can initiate actions from the screen itself, easily and intuitively.
The hopper always contains a controlled amount of raw materials thanks to several maximum and minimum sensors and there are a series of alarms that warn if, for example, the expected amount of material has not fallen. The necessary suction inside the silos is automatic, saving energy, and the updated electrical diagrams make it possible to identify the source of any faults that may occur. The automation of the bagging machine facilitates and simplifies the tasks to be performed, reducing errors and time spent, which translates into increased productivity in the plant.

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