Energy costs in ceramic production

In the ceramics industry, control of energy costs is a key factor for the viability of any factory. Given the current situation of the energy market, it is essential to have a tool to monitor the energy consumption of all machines and processes, in order to know the energy cost of producing each production order.

In this sense, we have developed a new energy SCADA, which allows us to monitor the energy consumption of electricity and gas of all the machines involved in the production process.

Thanks to this tool, you can know exactly the energy cost of producing each production order. In addition, the energy management module enables real-time monitoring of consumption throughout the factory, facilitating data analysis and decision making.

The energy SCADA allows Control Ceramics’ customers to know how energy is being used in their ceramic factory. Through the detailed information provided by this module, the customer will be able to know in which processes the most energy is used, and consequently, where adjustments can be made to reduce energy consumption and associated costs.

Another remarkable aspect is its ease of use. The tool is very intuitive and allows a clear and simple visualization of the data. In addition, the system generates automatic reports to analyze the data and detect possible improvements in the factory’s energy efficiency, and includes an alarm system capable of alerting users of anomalous situations.

In short, the energy SCADA is an essential tool for any ceramic factory that wants to control its energy costs and improve its production efficiency. With its implementation, Control Ceramics customers can monitor energy consumption in real time, know the energy cost of producing each manufacturing order and reduce their energy costs.

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