Redefining energy management in ceramics production

Control Ceramics Energy redefines energy management and monitoring in the ceramics industry.

This advanced system provides a comprehensive analysis of energy consumption at the machine level, integrating the latest technology and adapting to the particularities of each factory.

Among its main functionalities we highlight:

  • Adaptation and customization: custom-designed for each factory, leveraging existing equipment and integrating new devices for accurate data collection.
  • Accurate analysis: uses network analyzers to obtain reliable data on the power grid and measurement collection stations for standardized measurements.
  • Comprehensive monitoring: not only electricity, but also gas, compressed air and water, offering a holistic view of energy management.

In addition, the key benefits for various decision-makers are as follows

  • Maintenance and production: detailed analysis of machine status to anticipate solutions and monitoring of energy consumption for efficient management.
  • Energy contracting: accurate monitoring of consumption for effective management of energy contracts.
  • Management: up-to-date information for strategic decision making and integrated alarm system to reduce downtime.
  • Energy planning: identification of areas for improvement and digitization for effective energy planning.
  • Integration and digitization: automation of data acquisition and elimination of paper for real-time management and analysis.
  • Robustness and versatility: handling large volumes of data and adaptability to specific needs.
  • Open and scalable system: easy integration with other existing solutions.
  • Intuitive web application: easy-to-use platform for analysis and decision making based on real-time data.
  • Energy savings and sustainability: focus on energy savings and corrective measures to verify the achievement of energy savings.
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