INGESOM develops a new SCADA application and a data exploitation web site.

INGESOM develops, implements and carries out the implementation of a new SCADA application for data acquisition, energy and production, and develops a new web platform where data are displayed in the facilities of HIJOS DE FRANCISCO GAYAFORES SL, a manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain stoneware of the highest quality with innovative designs located in Onda, Castellón.
The new SCADA application significantly improves the acquisition and storage system with a single database, which allows for faster data processing. INGESOM also programs a new web platform where the information collected in the plant is presented, with a modern, intuitive and functional style that allows access from mobile and tablet. In addition, it simplifies and facilitates both the organization of data and access to information, reducing the management time spent by managers and technicians.
The web application includes a general synoptic that allows to see the plant status at a glance, and an alarm system that alerts by e-mail when it is not possible to read the data of an equipment, reducing the reaction time of the technicians to any possible incident.

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