INGESOM attends in OMRON Valencia to a day of presentation of new robotics solutions

INGESOM as engineering specialized in automation and industrial software attends an Innovation Day in the new OMRON facilities located in Valencia, the event “Complete Solutions for Industrial Automation with Robots” has demonstrations of collaborative robotics, mobile and artificial vision equipment.
We have always maintained a good relationship with OMRON, both as suppliers of programming for the multinational and as customers using their products. In this new stage where the protagonists are the range of collaborative robots, we wanted to know first hand their functionality and advantages, as well as the innovative production environment where humans and machines can work in harmony.
OMRON’s collaborative robots provide a unique solution to easily install a robot to automate applications such as assembly, object placement and picking, and inspection. In addition, the intuitive programming interface reduces programming time, the integrated vision system in the arm reduces setup time and complies with all man-machine collaborative safety standards, reducing installation time.


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