Llansola. An example of Industry 4.0.

INGESOM has implemented a system of production control and registration of reasons for stoppage in real time in the production of ceramic biscuit in red and white paste Hermanos Llansola SL located in San Joan de Moró (Castellón).
The production control is modular and as a first step, a Web management application was developed for the press area where operators manually entered the press parameters at each format changeover, which entailed a lot of time and possible human errors that reduced the plant’s production.
In order to automate this process, INGESOM has replaced the existing HMI screens with new ones with Ethernet to communicate with the production control. A new PLC has also been programmed and implemented to communicate the new screens with the management application.
The new production control system monitors press usage, identifying which press recipe is “optimal” for the production of an item and storing it in the database. When the item in question is produced again, the system automatically sets up the press with the previously saved configuration, resulting in the press starting up smoothly after selecting the production order on the HMI screen, significantly reducing press set-up time and possible human errors, which has led to an increase in factory productivity.
The system also allows production and shrinkage accounting in the press area, as well as recording the reasons for machine downtime in the press area. All the information is thus centralized in the management application itself.

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