INGESOM continues to support OMRON for the inclusion of new equipment in CX-Drive frequency inverter configuration software.

OMRON continues to rely on INGESOM as a software development specialist. Proof of this are all the projects developed in the last 10 years as a programming supplier for the Japanese multinational.
OMRON’s CX-Drive automation software is just one example of the programs in which INGESOM has participated, and serves to reduce the time and complexity of configuration, commissioning and maintenance of the brand’s own servo and variable frequency drives.
In addition, INGESOM has updated OMRON’s software so that drives such as the J1000 (specific for applications such as conveyors, fans and pumps) or the L1000V (which provides advanced control in lifting applications), can communicate with OMRON’s CX-Drive.
INGESOM is currently working on an upgrade for CX-Drive to support a new variable frequency drive that incorporates innovative technology for industrial applications.

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