INGESOM implements new production control in Toledo

INGESOM implements a new production control system through the development of a SCADA and a web management application in the company GRES DE LA MANCHA S.L., a leading manufacturer of glazed ceramic material of high strength, durability and low absorption located in Les Yébenes, Toledo.
The new SCADA replaces the previous software and monitors the production process of plants 2 and 3 of the factory, digitizes most of the information that was previously managed by hand and centralizes it in a single management application. In this way it is possible to obtain multiple types of reports and graphs with the recorded production data, facilitating decision making by managers.
The Production Control System has a modern architecture that allows access from various devices with Internet connection, such as a cell phone, tablet or computer. So supervisors or managers can monitor the status of the factory from anywhere and in real time, increasing control and responsiveness to resolve any difficulties that may arise in the daily management of the factory.
The SCADA also records and displays alarms, whether they are due to a detected failure, which reduces the resolution time used by operators, or preventive maintenance alarms, which warns of components that need to be replaced. The correct planning of these preventive tasks minimizes downtime and also reduces the number of breakdowns as there is greater control over all the equipment, which ultimately contributes to improving plant productivity.

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